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Oculoplastics: Imaging and Surgical Pearls 

Alexandra T. Elliott, MD; Linda Dagi, MD; Suzanne Freitag, MD; Lora Glass, MD

Childrens Hospital
Boston Massachusetts

Purpose/Relevance:  Appropriate evaluation and management of the child presenting with peri-ocular trauma, orbital cellulitis and dacryocystitis, lid deformity or exposure after ptosis repair are oculoplastic challenges faced by many pediatric ophthalmologists

Target Audience:  Pediatric ophthalmologists.

Current Practice:  Acute lid and lacrimal lacerations as well as orbital cellulitis and dacryocystitis and pediatric ptosis are often managed with techniques recalled from residency.  Orbital imaging modalities have also evolved.

Best Practice:  This workshop will present innovative surgical techniques for peri-ocular trauma including instruments and suture choices.  Clinical history and imaging used to direct medical versus surgical management of orbital cellulitis and dacryocystitis will be addressed as well as details of surgical approach. Common pitfalls associated with pediatric ptosis repair and their management, and the relative role of MRI, CT, ultrasound and 3D Printing for evaluation and management of orbital disorders will be covered as well.

Expected Outcomes:  Participants will have a more nuanced approach to evaluation of a variety of pediatric orbital and eyelid disorders and an enhanced repertoire of surgical techniques for repair.

Format:  The format is a combination of case presentations that address topics above as well as panel discussion

Summary:  This workshop will delve into a variety of pediatric oculoplastic topics including but not limited to  orbital cellulitis, dacryocystitis and periocular trauma.  Through case based presentations, optimal imaging studies, novel surgical techniques and natural history pearls will be presented.

References:  Pediatric Acute Dacryocystitis
Ali, Mohammad Javed F.R.C.S
Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Sept/Oct 2015 Vol 31 Issue 5 pp.341-347

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