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Guidelines for Developing An Exit Strategy for Withdrawal from Practice and Entering Retirement 

Albert W. Biglan, MD1;  John D. Baker, MD

1.University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine , emeritus Pittsburgh, PA  2. Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Kresge Eye Institute, Detroit MI

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Purpose/Relevance:  The thought of retirement may seem distant and frightening. This may foster an approach – avoidance conflict.

Two members, one completely retired, the other, mostly retired, will share their experiences in making the transition from practice to retirement.

Guidelines will be offered to those who are considering retirement. The presentation will cover abrupt, planned retirement and gradual phased out retirement.

Target Audience:  Members who are considering retirement and those approaching retirement age.

Current Practice:  Retirement from practice may be a frightening thought and may cause the member to put off important decisions.

Best Practice:  Members who are proactive can plan for an orderly withdrawal from practice and can enter retirement having a successful transition from one lifestyle to another.

Expected Outcomes:  Members will be presented issues to be considered, and to be addressed prior to their exit from practice.

The retired life can be satisfying and meaningful when planned activities are chosen.

With planning, resources can provide a secure, and satisfying lifestyle for the member and family to enjoy.

Format:  Power Point presentation with an open dialogue with the attendees.

Summary:  Members nearing retirement will be encouraged to plan for their retirement.

An exit strategy for withdrawal from practice, either abruptly or gradually will be presented.

Lifestyle changes and considerations during retirement will be covered.

Finances of retirement will be discussed.

References:  None.

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