Difficult Problems Non Strabismus

Dec 12, 2016
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Difficult Non-Strabismus Problems in Pediatric Ophthalmology

Elias I. Traboulsi, MD, Med; Sharon Freedman, MD; Fatema Ghasia, MD; Arif O. Khan, MD; Virginia M. Utz, MD

Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Purpose/Relevance:  Sharing the difficulties in making the diagnosis and managing rare and atypical cases allows practitioners to benefit from each other’s experience and to discuss alternative evaluation and treatment plans. The presentation of several such cases to a broad audience of interested individuals allows the appropriate ditribution of such teaching cases.

Target Audience:  Pediatric ophthalmologists , orthoptists, vision scientists and trainees

Current Practice:  While many pediatric ophthalmologists elect to manage difficult cases, others refer such cases to other pediatric ophthalmologists or subspecialists with advanced or more extensive experience in the particular area of disease or management that the patient needs.

Best Practice:  While many difficult diagnostic cases can be addressed via telephone or email communications between the primary treating physician and the expert, others need to visit one or more subspecialists before a final diagnosis is reached and a treatment plan is firmly established. Group presentation of cases in some instances is necessary with the participation of several advanced practitioners, sometimes from specialities outside of ophthalmology.

Expected Outcomes:  At the conclusion of the workshop the audience and the panel will have shared their experiences and strategies for the diagnosis and management of a few challenging cases. The practitioner in the audience is expected to gain new insights into the clinical reasoning behind each diagnosis and the purpose of any intervention.

Format:  Each panelist will present one case and invite the other panelists to discuss their approaches to diagnosis and treatment. The audience will participate by asking questions or providing personal insights.

Summary:  Case-based learning experience involving 5 challenging pediatric ophthalmology non-strabismus cases

References:  None

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Broadway Ballroom West

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