Difficult Problems Strabismus

Dec 12, 2016
  Broadway Ballroom West

Difficult Problems Strabismus 

Linda R. Dagi, MD; Ramesh Kekunnaya, MD, FRCS; Lionel Kowal, MD; Andrea Molinari, MD; Yair Morad, MD; Stacy L. Pineles, MD

Boston Children’s Hospital, L V Prasad Eye Institute, Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Clinic and Univeristy of Melbourne, Hospital Metropolitano of Quito, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, and Jules Stein Eye Institute
Boston, Hyderabad, Melbourne, Quito, Tel Aviv, and Los Angeles

Purpose/Relevance:  Evaluation and successful remediation of complex strabismus poses diagnostic and therapeutic challenges even for the experienced surgeon. Repair of strabismus secondary to cranial nerve palsy, orbital trauma and deformity, or after multiple prior strabismus or other ophthalmic procedures is particularly problematic. This workshop will address difficult cases like these to fill a potential knowledge gap for  the  practicing ophthalmologist.

Target Audience:  Pediatric ophthalmologists, adult strabismus specialists, ophthalmic residents, fellows and orthoptists

Current Practice:  Practitioners utilize strategies and surgical techniques taught in fellowship or addressed at professional meetings, on the list serve, in journals and as a result of peer-to-peer discussion.

Best Practice:  Enhancing all of the above with the opportunity to discuss treatment options for particularly challenging cases presented by experienced strabismologists.

Expected Outcomes:  As a result of exposure to debate and discussion regarding approaches to six challenging cases, attendees will be introduced to novel strategies and  techniques to remedy at least six complex strabismus disorders. Exposure is designed to enhance future practice by enabling participants to apply these concepts.

Format:  The workshop will consist of expert panel discussion following presentation of  a series of individual cases.  Audience questions and participation will be encouraged, time permitting. The result of one expert’s surgical intervention will be presented along with a discussion of the pearls and pitfalls of the intervention chosen.

Summary:  All panel participants are  internationally recognized experts in the field of strabismus.  Each expert will present a difficult case for discussion by the others in an open forum format.  The results of surgery  performed  to address the strabismus will be shared and advantages and drawbacks to this choice addressed.

References:  Strabismus Surgery
Basic and Advanced Strategies
Ophthalmology Monographs 17
The American Academy of Ophthalmology
Oxford University Press

April 6 @ 10:45 AM

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Broadway Ballroom West

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