Special Symposium: A Wandering Eye

Dec 12, 2016
  Broadway Ballroom East E

A Wandering Eye:Peripatetic Adventures of an Ophthalmic Epidemiologist

Alfred Sommer, MD,MHS

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Wilmer Institute
Baltimore Md

Purpose/Relevance:  To demonstrate a host of epidemiologic methods for asking and answering important research question

Target Audience:  pediatric ophthalmologists, general ophthalmogists,researchers and others  interested in formulating critical research questions and the epidemiologic methods for answering them

Current Practice:  How to treat and prevent vitamin A deficiency in affected pediatric patients and whole populations

Best Practice:  One simple and inexpensive approach is described:the use of oral, oil-miscible, vitamin A

Expected Outcomes:  Yes. Some will be challenged to think outside the box

Format:  Lecture followed by Q&A

Summary:  My career has taken me around the globe countless times, caused me to live overseas for years, and conduct research in virtually dozens of countries. Each medical issue provided new challenges and research opportunities; the questions I posed, and the methods I employed, all seemed obvious. As were the answers – once we had them. Perhaps the most iconic was happening upon the most practical treatment for xerophthalmia in third world settings, and along the way, discovering our ability to prevent childhood blindness and death in nearly a million children every year. A global program, launched over two decades ago, helps to prevent vitamin A deficiency, and attendant childhood blindness and mortality, in well over 70 low and middle income countries around the world.

References:  Sommer A, West K.P.: Vitamin A Deficiency: health, survival and vision. Oxford University, 1996

Sommer, A: 10 Lessons in Public Health. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013

April 4 @ 4:30 PM

4:30 pm

– 6:00 pm

(1h 30′)

Broadway Ballroom East E

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Alfred Sommer, MD, MHS

Special Symposium Speaker

Professor of Epidemiology, International Health and Ophthalmology, John Hopkins University

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