Workshop Session B

Dec 12, 2016
  Broadway Ballroom East A-D  Broadway Ballroom East E  Broadway Ballroom West F  Broadway Ballroom West G-K

Teratogens, Neonatal Infections and the Visual System
Alan O. Mulvihill, FRCSEd, FRCSI; Alan B. Richards, MD; Ruth Hamilton, PhD;Andrew Blaikie, FRCOphth
Broadway Ballroom East A-D

Strabismus Surgery in Complex Neurologic Disease: Surgical Strategy and Outcomes
Gena Heidary, MD, PhD; Stacy Pineles, MD; Jason Peragallo, MD; Mitchell Strominger, MD; Jane Edmond, MD; Linda Dagi, MD
Broadway Ballroom East E

AAPOS Genetic Task Force Workshop: Genetic Testing in Pediatric Ophthalmology, A Must or a Bust?
Arlene V. Drack, MD; Elias Traboulsi, MD; Virginia Utz; Debra Costakos; Brian Brooks; Elise Heon
Broadway Ballroom West F

Guidelines for Developing an Exit Strategy for Withdrawl from Practice and Entering Retirement
Albert W. Biglan, MD; John D. Baker, MD
Broadway Ballroom West G-K

April 4 @ 8:30 AM

8:30 am

– 9:45 am

(1h 15′)

Broadway Ballroom East A-D, Broadway Ballroom East E, Broadway Ballroom West F, Broadway Ballroom West G-K

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