Workshop Session C

Dec 12, 2016
  Broadway Ballroom East A-D  Broadway Ballroom East E  Broadway Ballroom West F  Broadway Ballroom West G-K

Oculoplastics: Imaging and Surgical Pearls
Alexandra T. Elliott, MD; Linda Dagi, MD; Suzanne Freitag, MD; Lora Glass, MD
Broadway Ballroom East A-D

Case-Based Overview of the Management of Adult Strabismus Secondary to Ocular Surgery
Stacy Pineles; Hilda Capo; Alejandra de Alba Campomames; Jonathan M. Holmes;Burton Kushner; Federico Velez
Broadway Ballroom East E

Apt Lecturer Workshop: The Zika Virus Epidemic from and Ophthalmologic Perspective
Marilyn T. Miller, MD; Liana Ventura, MD; Camila Ventura, MD;Linda Lawrence, MD
Broadway Ballroom West F

How to Afford to Practice Pediatric Ophthalmology
Gonzalo (Vike) C. Vicente; David Epley; Kenneth Wright; Marc Greenberg
Broadway Ballroom West G-K

April 4 @ 10:30 AM

10:30 am

– 11:45 am

(1h 15′)

Broadway Ballroom East A-D, Broadway Ballroom East E, Broadway Ballroom West F, Broadway Ballroom West G-K

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