Workshop Session D

Dec 12, 2016
  Broadway Ballroom East A-D  Broadway Ballroom East E  Broadway Ballroom West F  Broadway Ballroom West G-K

AAP Workshop: Gene Therapy for Inherited Retinal Diseases – Answers for Common Questions?
Daniel J. Karr; Arlene Drack; Arif O. Khan; Alex V. Levin; Hannah Scanga;Elias Traboulsi
Broadway Ballroom East A-D

AOC/AAPOS Workshop: Controversies in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Orthoptics
Stephen P. Christiansen, MD; Erick D. Bothun, MD; Casey Mickler, MD; David Hunter, MD, PhD; Kyle Arnoldi, CO, COMT; Cindy Pritchard, CO; Ron Biernacki, CO; Amy Hutchinson, MD
Broadway Ballroom E

Telemedicine for Retinopathy of Prematurity: Why and How
Deborah K. VanderVeen; RV Paul Chan; Michael F. Chiang; Michael T. Trese
Broadway Ballroom West F

What Pediatric Ophthalmologists Need to Know about OCTs: Pearls and Pitfalls for Clinical Care 
Leah G. Reznick; Allison R. Loh; John P. Campbell; David Y. Huang; Bibiana J. Reiser
Broadway Ballroom West G-K

April 4 @ 1:15 PM

1:15 pm

– 2:30 pm

(1h 15′)

Broadway Ballroom East A-D, Broadway Ballroom East E, Broadway Ballroom West F, Broadway Ballroom West G-K

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